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Rubber Belts

Mainly used in Quarrying/Mining, rubber belts can come in all different grades for multiple uses. For example Grade F is fire resistant for transporting high temperature materials.

Rubber Belt Uses

  • Retail belts: They are used in checkout counters or inventory transfer for various commercial purposes.

  • Construction belting: They are used for materials such as roofing shingles or plywood. They are heavy-duty belts designed for use on construction equipment.

  • Elevator conveyor belts: These kind of belts are typically used in vertical applications where there are additional safety factors for bucket attachments as well as holes for meshing with drive and tracking components.

  • Food and beverage processing belts: They are designed to be used in food or beverage processing applications.

  • Forest conveyor belts: These are designed for use in the logging, sawmill, tree farm, and related industries.

  • Mining and quarrying belts: They are heavy-duty belts used for applications in mines and quarries. They can transport materials such as ore, stone, tailings, gravel, aggregate, etc.

  • High temperature belting: They are used for materials that can safely tolerate extreme temperatures. They can transfer high temperature materials.

  • Inclined conveyor belts: They are typically designed for use in conveyance of material up an incline or down an incline.

  • Manufacturing and fabrication belting: They are used in factory production lines. They include belts designed for specific fabrication applications like semiconductor chip manufacturing.

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