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PVC Belts

We supply many different PVC belts with different shore hardness's and profiles.

We have profiled belts for inclines, declines, acceleration, deceleration, grip or release. We can fit and vulcanize PVC belts for any machine or size.

Where can PVC be used?

PVC Belts are mainly used in the agriculture & food sector.

We cater for all types and sizes of machines from food processing conveyors to farm feeding equipment such as diet feeders, etc.

PVC Belts come in all different strengths. Very durable and highly resistant to chemicals and oils.

Below, we have included pictures of a recent repair we performed. On the left, you can see the old and worn-out belt that had endured years of wear and tear. On the right, we have showcased our meticulous repair work, where we replaced the damaged components with new ones and added a PVC layer to the middle section. The entire repair was conducted in our workshop with utmost care and attention to detail, resulting in a satisfied and appreciative customer.

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